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Relaxation Obsession – The Chamomile Tea

Life has become really busy, and hectic and stressful. Even monotonous. A simple random search off Google led me to this miraculous concoction called as Chamomile Tea. I wouldn’t label it as yummy or delicious. But it healthy, it helps me relieve my stress, relax and helps me sleep well, so I will live with it.

So, I log into Amazon and go through hundreds of brands they had on offer. I was confused to choose between buying loose tea or tea bags. I finally settled for a pack of tea bags, no fuss of getting the right quantity and sieving. No fuss, no mess.  Goodwyn Chamomile Tea – the Real Tea, or so it says.

I take out the special mug my sister gifted me. Keep the water to boil on the gas and simmer it down to about 90 degrees and then put in the tea bag. The tea bag comes very nicely enveloped in a cute plastic pouch. Each tea bag is packed separately and sealed to ensure purity and freshness.

The chamomile tea is fragrant, it eases my insomnia, banishes my menstrual cramps, boosts my immune system. Chamomile is a daisy-like herb renowned in folk and traditional medicine with numerous health, cosmetic and nutritional benefits. It has mild sedative effects, helps get a nightmare free calm and relaxing sleep. It uplifts anxiety and depression. If you have a cold, just have a cup of chamomile tea. Upset stomach? Take some chamomile tea. Menstrual cramps can sometimes make one cry, painful as hell. Take a cup of chamomile tea and feel the relief seep in. It is said to stimulate blood flow in the pelvis and helps with irregular menses too! But try to avoid it if you are already pregnant or are trying, better consult the doc before taking it. Itching skin and scalp? One cup chamomile tea should do the trick.

Add a sun-kissed look to blonde or brown hair. You could even highlight your hair using it. It fights against ageing, diabetes, improves circulation, fights inflation, improves dental health. I could keep countin the benefits, but now my tea is going to get cold, so gotta go!

Time to feel healthy and get a good sleep! Stay healthy, stay fit!

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