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Death Wish Coffee

I love my cup of coffee. I don’t gulp tens of cups a day, I am still too fond of my malt-based milk drinks like Bournvita and Horlicks to give up on them just yet. But occasionally, when I do take a sip of coffee, I love it. My most favorite ones would be Vanilla lattes, Coconut coffee and the like. I like my coffee sweet.

Caffeine in particular has never really bothered me much. I can snore peacefully, even after having 4-5 cups of coffee or even a can of Red Bull or two.

Recently, my internet search led me to the strongest coffee in the world – Death Wish Coffee. Quite a dark name, I must say. A normal 12 ounce coffee brewed using the standard drip method would have around 217mg caffeine, while the Death Wish coffee has around 200% more, around 650.4mg caffeine!

It is said that the Death Wish Coffee uses the Robusta coffee beans. Normal coffee that we get in the grocery stores and at coffee shops uses the Arabica coffee beans, which have less coffee bean, compared to the Robusta beans. Moreover, it is a dark roast. The general thumb rule with coffee is lighter the roast, higher the caffeine content. But, Death Wish is smooth and for many, it is even comfortable to have without milk and sugar. It is organic plus fair trade.

I tried to buy it here, in India. But it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere. lists it in its product list, but it is shown as currently unavailable there with no listed expected date of return. Could somebody lend me some? After all, a lot can happen over coffee!

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