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Masala Soda – Singham Style

Remember the fight sequence in the movie Singham (the first part), where Ajay Devgn goes aata majha satakli and beats up all the goons by pulling out a lamp post off the side of the path. The location is a beautiful one by the sea, but in the midst of all the gore flowing around, we miss the beauty of the place. A large part of the movie Ek Duje Ke Liye is also shot here. This is Dona Paula, one of the most posh and most expensive residential areas of Goa.

Thanks to Singham action sequence, the local vendors along the path selling lemon sherbets and sodas, have introduced a new drink on their menu, a soft one, of course! This is the Singham Masala Soda. They have even put up the pictures of Ajay Devgn in the fight sequence of Kajal Agarwal and Rohit Shetty on their carts. 

The Singham Masala Soda had me intrigued and then, curiosity got the better of me, making me wonder what could be different about this soda. And, no surprises, I ended up ordering one. One glass – 30 bucks. That’s a little steep for the volume I get. But I’ll take it, because the chatpata masala punch hits hard, bang on. It is more chatpata than your average masala soda, it’s a total power punch. Loaded with a masala-infused foam from the soda poured over lemon juice, ice and salt, one glass of masala soda gives you a kind of kick hardly any other soft drink would.

And there are menu other soft drinks served chilled there, in various flavors or with local ingredients like kokum, but the best for me, remains the Singham Masala Soda.

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