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Birdsong ‘Organic’ Cafe

I follow Lisa Ray quite closely on FB, I find her to be a very beautiful person, and very inspiring too. I grew up loving her songs like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Afreen Afreen and Kasoor movie’s Dekha jo tumko. So on her FB page, when she said she is at her favorite cafe – the Birdsong Cafe, I had to hunt it down and pay a visit. Incidentally, a few days after I saw the update, I was in Bandra, a stone throw’s away from the cafe which is located on Warada Road in Bandra West, just off the Hill road.

It is a cute cozy place by the roadside, very welcoming. Look at it, and you definitely feel like going in and checking it out. The cafe is a huge favorite among a lot of celebrities, so there is quite a chance that you bump into some who’s who of the town there. Although this is a cafe in Bandra, the place is very peaceful and is a great spot to rewind and relax.

The menu is written up on the blackboard behind the counter. A lot of the food is non vegetarian, vegetarian options are limited, but whatever is there, is super delicious. It also offers some really amazing cookies, gluten-free bread loaves, etc. The dishes are a little pricey, but then they are fully organic.

Take your pick from classic wooden chairs or couches, ground floor or upstairs seating. I settle down on a small table by the shelves lined with bottles of water. The water here is served in sterile glass bottles, and the water is procured from the natural streams of Mulshi. I order a jacket potatoes with sour cream which I heard was the best vegetarian thing to have at this cafe, and a black rice with mushroom risotto.

The jacket potatoes are well-cooked, flavorful, seasoned with chili flakes and mixed herbs, topped with a swirl of sour cream. I would have preferred the dish to be more generous with the cream, so each potato could be at least dipped in some cream. Otherwise, the dish lives up to its reputation and is definitely a repeat order for every visit I make to this cafe.

The black rice risotto is a healthy meal to have. Black rice is very, very health, being rich in a lot of nutrients. Black rice is rich in anthocyanins and Vitamin E. It is also rich in antioxidants. All the ingredients used to prepare everything at the cafe are completely organic and freshly, and locally sourced. The risotto is smooth and good on flavors. It has a mild flavor. It may not look the most beautiful food you have ever seen, but the flavors won’t disappoint you for sure.

Overall, this is a great place to hangout. Pick up a book, and settle in one corner with a dish of your choice, and nothing could be better. The location is close to the hill road market, as well as the Bandra local railway station, so it is easily accessible.

Bhavi’s Report Card –

Taste – 9

Ambience – 10

Value for Money – 6.5

Service – 8.5









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