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Chill out at German Bakery, Kovalam

Kovalam is undoubtedly one of the best beaches I have ever chilled out on, it’s breathtaking, serene, and there is a calmness about the place that recharges the mind and the soul. It’s a place where you would absolutely love doing absolutely nothing. And while there are a lot of sun beds available on an hourly rental (I paid Rs. 100 per hour for two beds), there are a lot of cool cafes and restaurants along the beach, where could just sit and sip a cup of coffee and have a sandwich, read a book and stretch out their legs too.

One such place is the German Bakery, situated on the first floor on the Lighthouse Beach at Kovalam. It has a cool environment with cane furniture and accessories that gels perfectly with the environment you are in. And the view is amazing. You can see the waves rise and fall in the distance, foaming up the blue-green clear water. The lighthouse to your left standing tall on a small hill. There is even a rent-buy-sell shop that deals in books, so you can grab a book and settle yourself there.

German Bakery serves some amazing desserts and beverages. They have hot coffees, cold coffees, full meals, ayurvedic food and drinks, teas, and some amazing desserts. One problem with almost everywhere in Kovalam, in my experience, is that no place generally accepts cards, no debit cards, no credit cards, only cash. Considering the current cash problems due to demonetization, it was a huge issue to get cash and pay for stuff here. But at German Bakery, though the place is a bit pricey, it’s worth the time spent here and the view.

The order was placed for a sun downer, which was a combination of coconut milk, pineapple juice and orange juice; and also an ice coffee. The tangy Sun Downer, was refreshing in the scorching heat and humidity of Kovalam, it was quite hot even in December. It was served inside a tender coconut, you could poke in the straw and get bits of the tender coconut flesh in too. The ice coffee was light and simple, no frills, very good.

I kept sipping my beverages for a long, long time; and it was so pleasing. The view was so breathtaking, and it was undoubtedly the chief highlight.

My report card –

Taste – 8.5

Ambiance – 9.5

Service – 9

Value for Money – 6.5

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