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Kerala Style Madak

Having recently returned from Kerala, the memories are still fresh in my head. Also, I have always been very keen on trying new cuisines and dishes from anywhere in the world. So far as it is vegetarian, I am in.

One such dish I came across, is the Madak, which is a popular tea time snack in Kerala. Sweet in taste, it is a layered crispy snack, which may or may not have fillings within. It is also called as Mutta Kuzhalappan or Madakku San. Colloqially, it is also called as love letter. I ordered mine from the very famous Delecta Bakery, Calicut. Delecta bakery is a very, very famous bakery and I am a huge fan of their preparations – biscuits, cakes, everything.

Madakku are basically thin crepes made from loose batter, rolled, cut and fried. Then it is dupped into sugar syrup. It could also be filled with coconut powder before rolling.

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