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Matla ni Mix Ghooghri

Ghooghri is a traditional dish made in Gujarat and Rajasthan. It could be sweet or savory. It is made from boiled staples and/or pulses, and could be mixed with jaggery or salt, depending on whether we want it sweet or savory. I recently found out that it is also part of the mid-day meals in different parts of Rajasthan.

At the Sattvik Food Festival, in Ahmedabad, I came across a mix ghooghri made in earthen pots. It had jowar, bajri, peanuts, etc cooked in the earthen pot. The contents are cooked with the steam that forms inside, while it also catches the flavors of the earth from the pot.

Those earthy flavors, the natural sweetness of the ingredients, made me fall in love with this amazing dish in front of me. This is definitely something I would make at home and have.

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