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Top 10 must visit waterfalls of Gujarat

For a long time now I have observed that one of the most popular topics of water cooler and lunch hour discussions is the lack of tourist spots and things to do in Gujarat. So much for Gujarat Tourism and Amitabh Bachchan urging everyone to spend a few days in Gujarat. The next time you have a day or two on your hands, and want to take a road trip or you get that itch to travel somewhere to be one with nature, pick one of these waterfalls, you won’t be disappointed.

Ninai Waterfalls

Located in the Narmada District, about 35 km from Dediapada and about 143 km from Surat, the Ninai waterfalls are just off the State Highway 163. The falls are a little above 30 feet tall, and are located in the midst of Dediapada’s beautiful forest ranges, in the vicinity of the Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary. The entire region is one of the top Eco-tourism hub spots in Gujarat.

Barda Waterfalls

Around 10 km from Ahwa on the Ahwa-Mahal Road, the Barda Waterfalls are one of the most pristine waterfalls in Gujarat. A short 30 minute trek from Chankhal village leads you this amazing twelve-step waterfall, which is the mot popular trekking destination in Dang. No refreshment facilities are available here so carry everything you need with you. Reaching to the bottom is possible but is considerably dangerous.

Zarwani Waterfalls

28 km from Rajpipla towards the Kevadia colony at the Narmada Dam site, are the Zarwani waterfalls (about 7 km from the Thawdia check post). These waterfalls are situated in the Shoolpaneshwar wildlife sanctuary. The Forest Department helps arrange picnics and stays here, and Gujarat Tourism also has cottages and tents nearby with all amenities for accommodation. One can even see the rare Rhesus monkeys and Barking deers at this eco-campsite.

Chimer Waterfalls

Chimer waterfalls are situated at about 50 km from Ah and 40 km from Songadh. They involve a trek through farms and hills to reach, but once you reach there, you will never forget the scenery you see. Chimer waterfalls are claimed by some to be the highest waterfalls in Gujarat, and there are actually four different waterfalls which together form the Chimer waterfalls. You can even go to the bottom of the falls to get a better view.

Bhediya Waterfalls

One of the very little known waterfalls in Gujarat, the Bhediya waterfalls are located about 12 km from Dharampur on way to Wilson Hill. Wilson Hill is a popular hill station in Gujarat, from which one can even glimpse the sea. Located close to the Pangarbari Wildlife Sanctuary, these waterfalls are very beautiful and considerably unexplored.

Shankar Waterfalls

Located close to the Bhediya waterfalls, about 6 km from Wilson Hill in the vicinity of the Pangarbari Wildlife Sanctuary, the Shankar waterfalls are quite popular. You can get refreshments at the Wilson Hill, there are only 1-2 small shops at the waterfalls. These falls are more like a thin and gentle stream of water, and it is relative simpler to reach the bottom of the falls.

Jhanjhari Waterfalls

Also called as Zanzari waterfalls, these waterfalls are located on the Vatrak river, about 4 km away from Dabha village in Bayad taluka. The waterfalls are dotted with lush greenery. From the parking lot, one can take a camel ride or walk on foot to reach the waterfall. There is a Kedareshwar temple nearby which is also very beautiful. There are no eateries in the vicinity so make sure to carry everything you need. The waterfalls also attract birdwatchers as one can come across numerous species of birds here like Indian Rollers, Little Green Bee Eaters, Black Ibis, Open Billed Stork, Herons, etc.

Girimal Waterfalls

Girmal waterfalls are located about 20 km from Subir, 50 km from Ahwa. They are considerably difficult to access and make a great trek for experienced trekkers and climbers. You can climb down to the monsoon but venturing down must be avoided completely in the monsoons. Located deep inside the forests of Ahwa, fog, mist and rainbows are a common sight here. The Forest Department has built spectacular viewing points and pathways for tourists. Moreover, on way to Girmal, the river Gira meanders into a beautiful U-turn and the Forest Department has made a viewing point exactly at this point too, which gives an amazing view. The Eco-Development Committee runs a restaurant here called U-turn which serves tasty refreshments and meals. This one definitely needs an entire day to fully enjoy and experience it.

Hathni Mata Waterfalls

About 30 km from Pavagadh and 21 km from Jambughoda, the Hathni Mata waterfalls are located very close to Vadodara. These waterfalls are named so because the cave at the origin of the waterfalls houses a rock shaped like a baby elephant. The falls are about 100 feet tall and surrounding by forests. The bottom of the waterfalls in easily accessible and relatively safe to venture to. The falls are  very popular, frequented by a lot of tourists and refreshments are also easily available.

Jamzir Waterfalls

Jamzir waterfalls are located in the Junagadh district of Gujarat about 20 km from the religious place of Kodinar. The falls are not safe for climbing down to the bottom. One can visit these falls en route to Kodinar or Somnath or Diu. Refreshments are a little difficult to find, but one can get everything required at Kodinar. The falls are easily accessible and surrounded by a beautiful rocky scenery.






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