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Ten reasons to be a Scuba Diver

Not everyone is into adventure. But those who are, know that the adrenaline rush that they get from their chosen adventure sport is unparalleled by anything else in life.

I am one such adventure-junkie, loves to try out new adventure and sport it up – be it up in the sky or deep under water. And this love for adventure, took me to Tarkarli-Devbaug two years ago, to try out scuba diving. I am quite sure I get this love for adventure from my mother, she loves adventures just as much as I do, though she sure is a lot more fearless than I am. Fearless and fierce.

From my own experience of scuba diving I can tell you that when done right, it will go down as some of the happiest memories in your life. Being deep inside the sea, amidst all the marine life – fishes, urchins, plants, and some more fishes, with nothing but just the blue ocean all around you, gives you a different perspective on life. It makes you realize the nothingness of things, and how small you actually are in this whole big wide world, and how everything is important in its own way. It makes you feel at one with nature. But why should one take the pains of getting into that tight suit, lift the heavy gear and go to the ocean floor? All that effort for what?

Signaling everything is ok

Here’s ten reasons why you should consider taking up scuba diving

Ten reasons why you should scuba dive

  1. Explore parts of the world unknown to many
    Over 71% of the Earth is covered by the oceans, so while many go around covering as much ground as they can across the globe, hen you scuba dive, you get to cover the oceans (and what’s inside them) too
  2. Escape technology and zen out
    Below the sea, there’s peace and calm. There is nobody trying to call you and there’s no emails to check, there’s no stories to put up, and nobody disturbing you in any way; except a school of fishes who would be really attracted to all the bubbles you are blowing up.
  3. Feel weightless
    Feeling heavy and tired? Feel weighed down by life and circumstances and family and friends and what not? Grab your gear and dive. Beneath the ocean, amidst the beautiful marine life, nothing else matters but you and the sea.
  4. Improve equalization
    Do you plan to hike up a trail or climb up a mountain or go on that trek to that scenic spot up the hills? While you might have the physical stamina for it, one very important aspect that can significantly affect your experience is the atmospheric pressure. Whenever you go up the mountain or down the sea, atmospheric pressure decreases and increases, respectively, affecting your ears, and your entire body. If not dealt with correctly, it could lead to a mangled sense of balance, and a severe pain in your ears. To counter this, we equalize. Scuba diving helps you perfect your equalization techniques and makes it easier for you to scale peaks or calmly overcome the pressure of a takeoff and landing.
  5. Experience history
    Remember how the Titanic movie begins? Inside the sea. You know where the fabled Atlantis is? Under the sea. You know where MH 370 most likely is? Under the sea. Where can you find countless real World war ships and submarines? Under the sea. So, get into the suit, hook up your gear, and dive, to experience a slice of bygone history.
  6. Enjoy bowling
    Don’t we love bowling nights? But not everybody is a master of it. And if you want to seriously improve your bowling skills, you know what you need to do – dive! Carrying the oxygen tanks on your back needs stamina and muscle power, which improve with every dive. And these improved muscles make you a better bowler, since they use the same muscle sets.
  7. Master non-verbal communication
    Sometimes, there’s a need to say things silently. Sometimes, speaking up without actually speaking is essential. And what better way to improve your non-verbal communication skills than to dive! Learn to use your fingers to talk, and the next time to want to signal your date to leave the party, just signal.
  8. Bowl over your friends and colleagues with newfound knowledge
    Prepare to learn loads of new things – PSIs, atmospheric pressure, species of marine life, weight, speed, ascent, descent, trenches, geography, biology, so much more!
  9. Better social media feeds
    Have friends that run marathons and do cool things? One up them with your cool underwater pictures, and you have countless fishes to photo-bomb every frame.
  10. Learn ‘Keep calm and carry on’
    Have seen tons of those royal memes, haven’t we? But ever got a chance to do it in real life? Scuba diving will actually teach you to ‘keep calm and carry on’, because if you don’t stay calm, you will run out your oxygen tank way faster than you want to. Scuba diving is all about breathing and moving slowly.

Still conflicted about whether to dive or not? Explore the different scuba diving programs offered by PADI certified centers all across the world. I did my first dive with the MTDC’s Indian Institute of Scuba Diving and Aquatic Sports in Tarkali. They beginner program involves a special training in a simulation pool to help you acquaint with the water and understand the different contingency responses, as well as signs and gestures. Once you are done with the training, next day is the actual dive in the sea, near the old Portuguese lighthouse. Doing your dives through PADI centers is important, not only to have a good experience but also for your safety. There’s also great centers in the Andaman, in Goa, in Pondicherry and many other places across India.

Try out scuba diving, you will thank yourself for taking the leap.

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