MasterChef Radhicka’s Pancakes

If you would ever ask me what my favorite breakfast was, fluffy, yummy pancakes would definitely make it to the list. I love having my pancakes, not dipped, but drenched in maple syrup and with generous dollops of whipped cream. I have tried the Betty Crocker’s pancake mix, and I have burnt umpteen pancakes before I realized I was using the wrong pan! Finally, I learnt it, and have perfected the art of making fluffy, yummy pancakes.

If I think back to where I would have had the best pancakes ever, two places jump to my mind. One is at the Sunday brunch at Blue Frog, Lower Parel, Mumbai. And the other would be in the in-house restaurant at the Hotel Studio Estique, Bund Garden, Pune. The pancakes here were so, so, so amazing. 


While surfing the net, which I would have to say, is a major source of information for me these days, I came across the pancake mixes from The Gourmet Shoppe. I found it interesting, ordered it. Got delivered. That’s when I realized they were from a line of gourmet food products brought out by Masterchef Radhicka. I had keenly seen the first season of Masterchef India and Chef Radhicka was my favorite contestant. I felt really bad when she came only third, because of her thirst for perfection in making that special French wedding cake. Needless to say, it was a delight to be having and using a product that had come from her. 

Unfortunately, the batter required eggs. I don’t eat eggs generally. So, mom suggested we add some milk to it and just a pinch of baking soda. And boy, it did the trick. My sister was cooking the pancakes. And she decided to make a Mickey Mouse pancake for me. Sometimes, I am seriously confused if she is the elder one or me. Factually, she is eight years younger to me.


The pancakes were super delicious, fluffy, soft and yummy vanilla. I could keep on eating them and never be really full. The batter came out well, a lovely golden yellow, as did the pancakes. The flavors were great. The texture was great. I was out of maple syrup, so I definitely missed it and the whipped cream too. But the yummy pancakes made up for it all. Super breakfast!

Gracias Masterchef Radhicka!











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