Morning Musings at Starbucks, Fort

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I love Starbucks, can’t deny that. And I had to take my mom and my sister there to have them feel the magic of this place too. It is a place that just draws you to it’s own world and you get lost here, lose track of time, and just enjoy every minute you spend here, sipping the lovely brews and sniffing the amazing aroma of coffee that lingers in the air.


We’re here for breakfast. And we have quite a lot of time at hand, so it’s no rush. I am the one allowed to choose what everyone should have, since I have often been here, and I know the menu around quite well. So, I order a caramel praline coffee for mom, as she loves hot coffees, and get her a butterscotch and almond cookie, and a Jave chips cookie to go with it. I get a java chips and caramel frapuccino for my sister a wild mushroom pocket for her to eat. For me, I am open to experimentation always, so I take the strawberry and red velvet mocha, and I take a red velvet and orange cake to go with it.


The food arrives as we surf through on the free wifi. I let my mom and sister roam around the place and get a feel of it. They have to take it all in as I have over my multiple visits here. This is the first Starbucks that opened in India or so I have been told, and here’s where the magic began.


Mom’s coffee is delicious, the butterscotch brandy and caramel add a nice sweet and salty relief to the otherwise stronger cappuccino. She loves it, I am delighted. The cookies are great. The butterscotch and almonds cookie here, is one of my most favorite cookies ever. She loves them too.


My sister loves her java chips and caramel frapuccino. I know she likes strong coffee, but I asked caramel to be added into it, to give it a nice salted caramelized flavor intones. The brief I had got from her while ordering for her was that get me anything that has chocolate in it. She is a big chocolate lover. So the java chips frapuccino fit the bill for her perfectly.

My turn The strawberry and red velvet mocha was a new thing for me. I was afraid it would make me go all berrylicious and leave behind a stubborn aftertaste that would refuse to go. But I was wrong. The coffee was served cold, and it was pleasantly flavored. I could feel the coffee and the strawberry flavor was not overpowering the mocha flavors at all. I had thought it might have bits of the red velvet cake, but I was wrong, they were more like strawberry granules topped onto the whipped cream topping that cold coffees here are served with. But I still loved it. I would definitely have it again. The red velvet and orange cake was so moist, smooth and delicious that I simply proclaimed it to the best red velvet cake I had ever had. And it actually was so. It was so smooth, my fork would just glide through. It would melt in my mouth with each bite. The orange tartness was mild and complemented the red velvet, and that made it even more amazing. I loved every bit of it, and I wishes it just wouldn’t end. It is the smoothest and the moistest red velvet I have ever had.

Overall, I have always loved Starbucks anywhere, but the one in Fort at the Horniman circle has special memories. The atmosphere is always relaxing and calming and I love coming here, whenever I can.

Here’s my report card –

Taste – 9.5

Service – 10

Ambience – 10

Value for Money – 7.5

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