Fresh Organic Breakfast Tea

For most tea lovers a breakfast tea is a must have each morning. Breakfast tea is a blend of Black Tea, known for being robust and strong. It goes well with milk, and sugar or honey can also be added in, or can be had just plain without milk, like I did. I picked up the organic breakfast tea from TeaBox. TeaBox is known for providing the freshest and choicest blends of teas, and after hearing a lot of good things about it from quite a few tea connoisseurs, I decided to get myself a few blends to try, and the first one I picked was the organic breakfast.


The package states that the flavor profile of this tea goes by a gradient, going from mellow sweet notes to stronger, high-fired ones. The tea is velvety smooth and one could feel the notes of honey, malt and just a tiny hint of tobacco in every sip of this tea.


I take out the tea bag from the individual pouch I have it in. I expected the usual thick paper containing powdery black bits of tea leaves. I was so mistaken. This is a cute triangular mesh, pure white with beautiful rolled tea leaves staring back at me from inside the bag. The aroma of the tightly rolled, dry tea leaves in the tea bag itself is so refreshing, with the woody and creamy notes, I can only imagine the magic that would happen once it is brewed.


So I steep the tea and pour out my brew in my cup. I prefer not to add milk or any condiments like honey or sugar into it and try it just as is, to recognize and get the real feel.

I breath in the aroma of this very refreshing tea and I can smell the dense sweetness of malt and honey, followed by hints of high-fired leaf. Each whiff feels super fresh. The brew is a deep red, which gives a feeling of richness and smoothness of the blend.


I would put the flavor of this tea as sweet-smokey. The brew is dense and sweet, with a redolence of malt and honey, with just the slight smokey hint. It is robust and smooth even without milk, but I am sure a dash of milk and cream would uplift the flavors immensely. I avoid sugar and honey at this time, but I am pretty sure the next time I have it, I will add in milk and sugar, and some cream as well. The palate is long and lingers nicely.

It is said that tea is to England what coffee is to America, so the breakfast tea would go great with a perfect English breakfast, maybe sausages or eggs and bacon. I, being a vegetarian, settled for some good toast and butter.

Penny for your thoughts!