Scandinavian Cucumber Salad

“In summer, there’s nothing quite as cool and refreshing as cucumber sandwiches, cucumber soup, or cucumber salads,” wrote James Beard in Beard on Food, adding that this refreshing salad makes an excellent side dish for salmon, or as part of a summer luncheon buffet.

The Scandinavian countries are known not only for their amazing TV shows, but also for their beautiful pristine scenery. If you have seen the movie “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, you know what I am talking about. Their food, though little known in this part of the world, is equally beautiful and delicious. Here I share the recipe for a quick and easy Scandinavian Cucumber Salad.

To make this salad, you need –

1/2 cup cider or white wine vinegar

2 tbsp water

1/2 tsp salt

3 tbsp honey or stevia sugar or maple syrup (per your preference, originally it has sugar)

1/8 tsp fresh dill (suva ni bhaji)

2 medium cucumbers, sliced into thin julienne strips


Make a sweet-sour dressing by combining vinegar, water, salt, sweetener and dill. Pour the dressing over sliced cucumbers, cover with cling film and let it stand for a minimum of 3 hours, then serve.

This salad is a simple, basic refreshing salad. A lot of Scandinavian salads involve sea foods and many more interesting elements, but I picked a recipe that would be simple and quick to make, to make sure healthy eating doesn’t become tedious and cumbersome eating.











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