Chekkalu all the way from Andhra

Andhra Pradesh is rich with amazing culinary traditions, and one of the most famous snacks from here is Chekkalu. Some people prepare it with plain rice flour without adding any lentils. However, the real taste comes from chana dal or split bengal gram and green gram. In many shops in Andhra Pradesh, you will get a lot of different types of Chekkalu like saada chekkalu, pappu chekkalu, kaarapu chekkalu, butter chekkalu, nuvvula chekkalu, Telangana pappu chekkalu, etc. It is a delicious tea-time snack.

It is generally deep-fried, and made in crisp bite sized pieces. It makes for a great tea-time snack. I stash it up in my office drawer, it makes for a great bite for those little post-lunch hunger pangs. The ones I ordered came all the way from Hyderabad, from the very famous shop called ‘The Almond House’. The Almond House is the iconic producer of traditional mitthai and namkeen from the royal city of Hyderabad, making the very famous ‘Bisticks’.


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