Relaxed Evenings @ Beatles Cafe, Kovalam

Dear friend Rakesh Nair, recommended a perfect cafe to have great food, and a great ambiance – Beatles Cafe at the end of Lighthouse Beach at Kovalam. And, oh boy! What a place it was! I could sit there all through the evening and the night, till they would finally throw me out when they had to close. (they didn’t throw me out, but it was wise to leave then, it gets quite lonely along the beach and on the roads of Kovalam at night after about 9 PM or so, and it was quite already midnight then).



The order was cinnamon coffee and ice coffee. The cinnamon coffee I had there, is hands down, the best coffee I have ever had in my entire life so far. The cinnamon flavor was strong and fresh, and yet not overpowering the flavors of the coffee. Together the blend of coffee and cinnamon were the best. It was so refreshing, that well, had it not been midnight already, I would have taken a few more cups for sure. Even the little cookie on the side was so delicious. The ice coffee topped with mint was super refreshing too. Making coffee is an art, and the folks at Beatles Cafe do it perfect, just the way I like it.


I visited again the next day morning, and as Rakesh had recommended, I ordered banana pancakes with honey. A pancake roll, stuffed with bananas and drizzled with honey came up before me. It was even more delicious than Rakesh had said it would be. And that, when I don’t like bananas at all. It was just superb.


What caught my eye was the little fishes swimming about in a water glass. They were too cute. They were so little, barely 2-3 centimeters at the most, shiny, silver. It was a beautiful sight to see them floating about in the glass.


Overall, a superb place. Eternally grateful to Rakesh for pointing me in this direction. I would have never found this place otherwise.

My report card –

Taste – 9

Ambiance – 10

Value for money – 9

Service – 9

Penny for your thoughts!