Traditional Thoran @ Home

Having recently returned from a trip to Kerala, the taste of the traditional meals from there was still fresh in the Banjaran Foodie’s head. And so, the sister decided to step in and help out. She puts together a delicious thoran to go with parathas

Thoran is a coconut-based vegetable Keralite dish. It is usually eaten with steamed rice, I myself am a rice lover, but my folks prefer parathas, so well, no complaints. The Thoran is a predominant menu item for a Sadhya along with loads of other dishes.


Thoran is a dry dish prepared from finely chopped vegetables like cabbage, beans, jackfruit, bittergourd, carrots, etc. The chopped vegetables are mixed together with grated coconut, mustard seeds, curry leaves and turmeric powder, and briefly stirred on a pan over very hot fire.

The traditional Thoran does not use garlic, however, we did toss in some for the flavor.

Overall, it was fun to have and refreshed great memories from Kerala.


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