Sweet Potato and Yam Chaat

Have I said before that I have a special thing for smoked sweet potatoes? I think I have. The smokey sigdi does magic with the sweet potatoes and turns them into a super delicious food. At the Sattvik Food Festival, there were stalls serving chaat made from smoked sweet potatoes and yam. The sweet potato and yam are cooked over the sigdi, peeled, cut, seasoned and served.


These chaats were super awesome. Seasoned simply with lemon and some chatpata masala, so as not to overpower the smokey sweet flavor of the sweet potatoes and the yam themselves, these chaats were super healthy and super tasty. It can be made easily at home too. Not all of us have a sigdi at home, luckily I have one. You can bake the sweet potatoes and yams in the microwave or in the pressure cooker too, but it won’t give the same smokey flavor as a sigdi. In the places where they get slightly charred, it tastes even better, so don’t shy away from the black charring peels, that’s where it will taste the best.


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