Moraiya na Dahi Wada

Despite growing up in a Gujarati household, I was introduced to Moraiya only a few years back. My family did not believe in religious fasting every few days. My parents observed only two fasts a year – the two Navratis, one in April, one in September/October. We as kids were supposed to observe only one fast a year – the Gauri vrat in July, which I discontinued observing since I found out it was done to please the Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and be blessed with a good husband.

Moraiya ni khichdi is generally a popular dish in Gujarati households, served on fasting days like in Navratri season or on Ekadashi, and generally served with a special Farali Kadhi. It is also called as Barnyard Millet Rice or samakechawal or samawat rice.

When Moraiya is made into Dahi Wada, it becomes a healthy delicious chaat delight. Top it with some chutney or red chili powder and chaat masala, and it is a lip smacking treat. This recipe might be useful for this.

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