Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh

A small town of Andhra Pradesh, Lambasingi in the Chintapalli Mandal of Vishakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh is often called as Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh. Located about 1025 metre above sea level, the temperature here drops to 00C in winters. The surroundings are covered with dense forests. Lambasingi is also called as Lammasingi. Another name for this place is Korra Bayalu, ‘Korra’ meaning ‘stick’ and ‘Bayalu’ meaning ‘outside’; which together means ‘if someone stays outside the house in the open, they will freeze like a stick’.


Lambasingi is the only place in South India where one can experience snow fall sometimes in winter. Even when it is not winter, one can feel the sunshine only after 10 AM. December and January are the most difficult months here due to the cold temperatures. The nearby hill station of Chintapalli is also a popular tourist attraction. Tajangi Valley is the best attraction here. The major source of income here is from coffee and pepper plantations. The plantations here are since the British era. The village offers breathtaking routes for trekking and adventure. The Tourism Department of Andhra Pradesh offers good packages for trips to Lambasingi. They also provide facilities for forest safari too. The place is well connected by road.

The valley here is a colourful collage of roses and fruits, it is a natural grandeur with greenery, waterfalls, streams, coffee fields and rose gardens and a riot of colors all around. The alluring pastoral hues, lush orchards, vast grasslands would compel you to keep coming back. Visit the Coffee House here to stop up on freshly plucked and roasted coffee beans.  You can take a walk on the Ghat Road, which is almost always covered in fog, and makes for a great romantic walk.


Also worth visit nearby are the Kothapally waterfalls, which are an undiscovered chapter of ecstasy. They are pristine and untouched, and are only starting to gain popularity now.

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