Sweet Potato Gulab Jamuns

Who doesn’t love Gulab Jamuns? Hardly anybody. These soft, spongy, sweet balls of joy dipped in sugar syrup are capable of bringing a smile to even the most upset and frustrated people. This is also said to be a traditional sweet from Bengal, where it is called as Mishti Aloo’r Pantua.

Sweet potatoes are rich in beta-carotene, are full of antioxidants and make a great source of Vitamin A, while also having a low glycemic index, helping control blood sugar levels. The Sweet Potato Gulab Jamuns are low on gluten, and if you substitute the small amount of maida used with some other binder then you can make it completely gluten-free.

The Sweet Potato Gulab Jamuns are soft, spongy and delicious. I had them at the Sattvik Food Festival back in December last year in Ahmedabad.

They taste somewhat different from the regular Gulab Jamuns as they generally don’t have the khoya in it. But some people mix in some khoya to give it a better taste and a smoother consistency as well as a creamier texture and feel.

I found a good recipe online and used it to make it at home. Don’t use too much maida, and don’t knead much. On doing so, the gulab jamuns will turn out hard and dense, while we need them soft and fluffy. You can find the recipe I used here.

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