Jeerakati Rice

We all grew up learning that West Bengal is one of the principal rice growing states of India. A lot of us even stereotype people from West Bengal to have a mandatory soft spot for rice, to be folks who can’t live without rice.

While not everybody may love rice in West Bengal, the state does have some delicious rice-based dishes as part of its traditional cuisine. And one of the priceless staples churned out by the state is the amazing Jeerakati rice.


Jeerakati is a special type of rice grown on the fertile soils of West Bengal. The grains of the Jeerakati rice are medium to big in size. The Jeerakati rice is known for its supreme quality and delectable taste. Akin to a prized possession, the Jeerakati rice is prepared and served only on special occasions.


I cooked it and it has been quite quick to cook with little soaking. The rice tastes very smooth and delicious after cooking. They take up flavors well while still retaining its own taste. I made a biryani with it, cooked khari bhaat with it, and had steamed it to have with dal and curry. It all came out very nice. My entire family loved it.

I had ordered it online, and it has been a sheer delight to try out this rice variety.

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