Aruvi Resort, Munnar

Munnar has become quite a popular tourist destination, and its quite worth the time and money you spend there. It is super scenic and breathtakingly beautiful, and makes you feel one with nature. The lush tea gardens along the hill sides, the elephants, the rivulets and the waterfalls, the fog and the mountains make you never want to go back, and call Munnar your new home.


I visited Munnar recently and was totally spellbound with the beauty of the place. This post, I tell you about the resort I stayed at – the Aruvi Resort. It is quite off the main Munnar town, and could be a little challenge to find. I myself got lost a few times before I was finally able to find the place. They do have boards giving directions, but only on some forks and crossroads, the rest you have to ask and figure out. Finally, reached there quite late in the evening.


The resort has a very, very beautiful location. It is right by some great waterfalls, and is on the hillside. “Aruvi” signifies a spring or a forest river, and I can assure you perhaps no other resort in Munnar enjoys the advantage of having a waterfall and spring passing adjacent to the resort. The rooms face the waterfalls and offer an amazing view of forest covered hillsides, and waterfalls. It is close to the Ripple Waterfalls too. There is so much green around that you feel refreshed and rejuvenated staying there.


The resort has an in-house restaurant which serves good punjabi, chinese cuisine. Incidentally, I encountered this problem in almost all places I visited in Kerala. It is very easy to get paneer butter masala and hyderabadi biryani and hakka noodles in most Kerala restaurants in Munnar, Kovalam, Thekkady, etc. and very very difficult to find Avial and Thoran. But the food served in Aruvi resort is quite good. They will customize food to your preference.


The staff is very helpful, and kind. The service is very good. Any help you might need with making plans for going around, the resort is always happy to help. I met a great staff member here – Vishnu, who was very kind and helpful. I got food outside the menu on special request to the chef. And Vishnu made sure I was comfortable and had everything I asked for.


Being a solo female traveler, safety is of prime importance. Aruvi Resort does not have any street lights outside, and it is in the middle of the forest on the hill side. I have been told that it is completely safe to walk around, however, I feel that it is a narrow road, and in order to not hit by a vehicle also, going out of the resort after dark should be avoided. It is just my personal opinion though. Inside the resort, it is very safe, I used to sit in the balcony and the benches outside till quite late into the night. And the only threat you face at that time is from the mosquitoes. So, please carry ample Odomos.


Rooms are large, comfortable and spacious. The mattress is great and you will sure get a good sleep. The bathrooms are also nice and clean. The floor tends to quite cold owing to the local weather, so carry slippers along if you need.


Overall, the Aruvi resort is very beautiful and a definite recommend from my end.


Until next time then!