A Kissing Walk in Zagreb

Zagreb is the capital and the largest city of Croatia. Located in the northwest region of Croatia, along the Sava river, at the southern slopes of the Medvenica mountain, Zagreb is a city with a rich history dating from the Roman times to the present day.


Zagreb is a beautiful city for a romantic break. It has an unassuming yet attractive walkable character that makes you fall in love with the place, and want to celebrate the feeling of love with your special one. There is nothing sweeter than walking hand in hand with your loved one, stopping now and then to exchange kisses. So, let’s embark on a romantic walk through Upper town area of Zagreb and celebrate love! This walk is for those who enjoy walking and would like to experience Zagreb away from the commercial eye, through obscure alleyways and staircases that connect otherwise well known streets. This walk uncovers some amazing places, perfect for just lingering around and feeling the love in the air.


Starting Point: Britanac Square

Have some coffee and pancakes at the famous Kava Tava cafe. Special mention to their paper mats, they have a beautiful hand drawn map of Zagreb’s renowned kissing spots.



Stop # 1: Rokov Perivoj

Overlooking the square, this delightful, serene common, this is one of the best kept secrets of Zagreb. It is never really crowded, giving you the time and space, to stop, kiss and revel in the beauty around.


Stop # 2: Grič

Take two staircases from the stop 1 – Aleksandrove stube and Kapucinske stube to reach this green meadow that has intriguing houses on the edges. These are also really cute spots and definitely make it to the list of great kissing spots of Zagreb. Grič is a quite place, tucked away from the main town. Enjoy the vastness of the place, the peaceful serenity and feel the joy.


Stop # 3: Štross

This spot is an enchanting promenade lined with old trees on one side and a view of the city vista on the other side. Since this is a traditional kissing spot of Zagreb, most benches here would be occupied at all times by the local youth as well as tourists. Such is the beauty of the place that just about everybody finds it hard to resist visiting this place and kiss! Meander through the streets of this place, take in the sights around. IF you are visiting the place at around dusk, you would even encounter the traditional street lamp lighter going about his daily duties. It is very hard to find places that still have this very traditional and old-school ritual of  lighting up street lights, and it is a beautiful sight to see for sure.


Stop # 4: Entrance to Tuškanac forest

It is one of the most beautiful kissing spots on all of Zagreb. The place is romantic for sure, but also has a slight eerie feel to it. Being here, one gets transported to another era in time, and it feels so great to be here, hold hands, exchange kisses and enjoy life. There are three passages and staircases you need to take after this – Dvoranski prečac, Felbingerove stube and Stube biskupa duha, to reach Tkalčićeva street. These are also really cute spots and definitely make it to the list of great kissing spots of Zagreb.


Stop # 5: Opatovina Park

This beautiful, airy park has lots and lots of benches around to sit and spend some time, rest it out and relax. Around you would find other strollers, people celebrating love, kids playing, and so many other sights which add to the charm of this beautiful place. This place is on the Tkalčićeva street, which is famous for the cafes that line this street. If one of the colorful terraces you see catches your fancy, go ahead, stop for a drink, have a bite. After this, you need to take three more staircases and passages to reach the next spot – Kožarska ulica, Male stube and Kamenita vrata, Kamenita vrata is also a famous stone gate in the area, you could click some great pictures here. These are also really cute spots and definitely make it to the list of great kissing spots of Zagreb.


Stop # 6: Zakmardijeve stube

As we go ahead towards this place, the route is meandering back towards the Upper Town area so there are more cute passageways and staircases, so don’t wait for a stop on the list top show up. Stop anywhere you like, steal a kiss or just hug. The sights around are enchantingly beautiful and lovely, setting the right mood for you to feel the love around.


Stop # 7: Stube kralja Ladislava

This is the last staircase on this walking journey (but the last in your love, I am sure). This staircase leads to the Dolac market. If you happen to be here at dusk, remember, the market will be closed, and all you will find is an empty plateau surrounded by vegetable stalls. There’s an enticing allure to this place, and it could inspire you to share a kiss, right there, right then – and put in a flag on a newly established kissing spot.



  • From 11 to 14 February there is the Zagreb Coffee and Choco fest which is a luxurious treat for the lowers of the bittersweet. Experience the best Croatian and International brands of these two delicious and sensuous products at this festival.
  • If you are single and not quite keen on the love and the kissing, maybe you could find love in Zagreb! Maybe it is worth a try, isn’t it?




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