Biryani for Breakfast in Bengaluru

Its like 5:30 in the morning, you just woke up, and you’re hungry. You had a long night yesterday, you’re exhausted. And you’re craving a biryani. Now, at 6 in the morning, one can only dream of biryani, or help oneself to leftover from the previous night probably. But in Bengaluru, you can get fresh, hot, delicious biryani for breakfast at 6 AM!

You can get buttered toast with coffee and juice for breakfast, you can get parathas for breakfast, poha and dosa and idli for breakfast. But BIRYANI???

Yes, Biryani.

And if after hearing this, you are tempted to move to Bengaluru, don’t worry, I was too. For all times are good times to have Biryani. And there is no such thing like too much biryani.

And not one or two, I will give you FIVE places where you can have delicious, lip-smacking biryani for breakfast in Bengaluru:

Shivaji Military Hotel

This hotel is a cult favorite, and serves the best authentic donne biryani. Such is the popularity of the place, that you would most likely not get a table here and would probably end up eating out standing in the street. But that delicious plate of biryani, makes the pain worth it. The members of the popular Facebook group – Bengaluru Biryani Club swear by it and vouch for it as the number one place to eat biryani on their list.

The Shivaji Military Hotel


Shivaji Military Hotel

718, 1st C Main, 8th block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru

Ranganna Military Hotel

For the most delicious mutton biryani and thalemamsa fry, to be served to you as early as 7:30 AM, Ranganna Military Hotel is the place to be at. Pocket-friendly and delicious taste, what more could a biryani lover ask for? Forget that lemon, this could be the new cure for hangovers.

The menu at the Ranganna Military Hotel


Ranganna Military Hotel

61, 1st floor, KR Road, 7th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru

Hotel Aditya

Not a regular for breakfast biryani, but Hotel Aditya serves a perfect Sunday morning breakfast of delicious aromatic biryani. Their mutton biryani, liver and brain fry, people say, is the worth the early start on Sunday mornings.

Hotel Aditya for Sunday morning Biryanis


Shop 159, 6th main road, 2nd phase, Rajajinagar Bengaluru

NV Naidu

The ambience at NV Naidu is hardly anything to go by, but the food you get here is, simply put, spectacular. The service here is fast, and you could do a quick in-and-out here to grab a plate of really delicious mutton biryani and leg soup, before running back home and going back to sleep. Plus, its really pocket-friendly.

The N. V. Naidu Hotel


NV Naidu Hotel, Opposite Parimala Theatre, Kalasipalyam main road, Kalasipalya, Bengaluru


This place is always crowded with food lovers, and a visit here is no less than an adventure in itself. But finally, when you will get a table, and sit down before a hot, fresh biryani, all those envious stares from people still waiting for a table won’t matter, and you’ll just be lost in your plate.

The SGS Hotel


SGS Non Veg – Gundu Pulao

21, PS Char Lane, Chickpet, Bengaluru

So, go ahead, get that biryani. And send me some, if you can.

Penny for your thoughts!