Cookie Mania at Home

Remember I had mentioned that my sister has this new hobby of baking? Well, it still continues. And I have to say, she improves with each time she puts something into the oven, like literally. And it gets me good food to eat, so I am not complaining.

This time she baked me cookies – vanilla-choc chip cookies and chocolate cookies. Both were amazing. As her with her passion for baking, her obsession for the blue color in food still continues too, so one batch of cookies, of course, was made in blue.


When I came home on Saturday afternoon, a super delicious aroma of freshly baked cookies tingled my nose, and it reminded me of my childhood days, when there was a departmental store in Ahmedabad, which had a bakery right at it’s entrance. we would frequently visit that store, and each time we entered, I would be greeted by that delicious fragrance, which trust me, was better any other sort of welcome I have ever received. Honestly. That is how I would love to be welcomed. If only my office could welcome us to work each day with that! Wishful thinking…


Anyways, back to the cookies. The cookies were great. The chocolate chip cookies were topped with generous portions of chocolate chips. They were soft, and chunky. And I liked it. Just looking at those little bits of joy from the container they were kept in was joy.

The chocolate cookies were baked in circle and star shapes. I have a thing for those shapes even today. As a kid, mom and dad got me a special ice tray in which they would prepare special “Rasna” ice for me in different shapes, and I love licking it till it melted up all in my mouth. I still love it when cookies come in anything but a plain round shape, brings out the child in me maybe.

Overall, the baking mania at my place continues, my sister continues baking and I continue eating. And both of us are loving our parts in this. So far, so gooooooood!

Penny for your thoughts!