Jaffle Jiffy

Sometime back, I had learnt about Jaffles from the latest season one of my favorite TV shows – Masterchef Australia”. I googled a lot about it, and so did my sister. So, she decided to make me some Jaffles. Technically, she is my kid sister, eight years younger than I am, but she cooks for me, she loves doing it and is good at it. So, she asked me to get her the mushrooms and the other ingredients necessary for making the Jaffles. We already had a Jaffle Iron at home.

She made me one with a mushroom, cheese and onion stuffing. The mushrooms were sauteed in some butter before. And the stuffing was mixed together, filled into bread pockets and heat sealed and cooked in a Jaffle Iron.


The Jaffles were delicious. Super delicious. That would be perhaps the first time we got raw mushrooms at home, and cooked them. And the first time we cooked something Australian like Jaffles. But it was great. My sister is becoming better and better with her cooking, and the foodie in me is super thankful for all the treats she throws my way.

It’s great to have such a loving younger sister, aint’ it?


Penny for your thoughts!