This Diwali, I brought in my bestie to be my guest blogger. We decided on some stuff he would like to try, and tell us how he felt about it. Here’s episode # 3 of it.

This festive season, if there is something to #GetFiggyWithIt, it be this Genie in a bottle. The Fig spread of #MadeInCoorg has aphrodisiac written all over it.  And rightly so.  The Fig is a delicate fruit growing in tropical environments and is a guaranteed attractive magnet for pollination agents in the wild. This wildness is aptly bottled to unleash the elemental spirit on your taste buds.


The first twist of the copper lid on the glass jar came with an aromatic hiss of figs and wildberries. Greeting me at the back of the lid was a spoonful of Fig preserve, tempting a lickoff before poking into the moist pleasures of organic #awegasm. The Fig spread has a Geminic-duality to it: mushy texture riddled with fig granules that gravel up on the tastebuds, and a bloody red hit of wildberries (channi-bor or cranberry… take your pick). And the star crossed connection doesn’t stop there, because there is the Libran balance to the spoonful, which is mellifluous in its slide off the spoon and onto the tongue.


I can see many a #CharmaSutras to this Fig Spread – roll it on a hot chapatti, dot it over a fresh batch of cookies, make it the warm heart of a cupcake, layer it atop a cheesecake, use it as a topping on vanilla ice-cream scoop, twist it in a wrapper for a fig-drop candy, Stir it- don’t shake it as u bond over a glassful of milky Fig-Martini… the ways to be enchanted are endless. But none as gratifying as a finger dip and lick off the jar.

 I will be selfish this festive season and give up on my firecrackers and mithaais and keep this little jar all to myself…. Myyy precious!  #Ghollum

Penny for your thoughts!