This Diwali, I brought in my bestie to be my guest blogger. We decided on some stuff he would like to try, and tell us how he felt about it. Here’s episode # 4 of it.

Would it be blasphemous to receive a ‘meaty treat’ on Diwali ? I could be careful… or I could care less. Or I could just relish the innovation of receiving pickles when others gift sweets. Flying in from the frontiers of north-east, I received a fiery parcel of Naga Chilly Pickle – bearing the famed native variety of Bhut Jolokia chilly and dry seasoned pork pieces. Now this is like an all-you-can-gamble pass in Las Vegas.


Expecting an assault of naked heat, I peeled the silver seal off the lid and received the first waft of pungency to this tribal culinary secret recipe reserved for foreigners (or ‘Indian Dogs’) only during the Hornbill Festival. However, I have a 3-month admission to the ‘Circle of Trust’ and can imagine all the dishes I want this pickle to compliment.


The pickle bottle bears an unmistakable triple layer of chillies at the base, pork cubes in the centre and a generous layer of mustard oil preventing a fire to break out every time the lid is unscrewed off the bottle. Spreading my first spoonful over the morning bread toast,  I let the mustard aroma hit me and watch it eclipse my ChromeAzzaro perfume before I could say #Khukri . The pork bits are dry preserved in salt and marinated in mustard oil so you are able to get a rock salt taffy taste to the pork and let your tongue split the pork cube into flaky strands. And the Bhut Jolokia, even in its diluted permissible edible percentage, is a volcano of heat, a rocket waiting to fire up and show you the stars. A slight lick and I was feeling the heat of running a 5k in an instant.  Is this the right accompaniment to prepare you for the Winter that’s coming?

 Indeed this exotic treat will be the alternate taste my tongue will flick to during the festive times.  Trouble is, I won’t be able to greet any one ‘Happy Diwali’ bearing the pickles after effects.

Penny for your thoughts!