Bandra Wine Festival 2016

I have been attending the Bandra Wine Festival since 2013, I visit it every year. Last year, unfortunately, it had gotten cancelled. But this year, it was here again, I traveled down to Mumbai to attend the festival.


There were a lot of wine stalls from all leading Indian wine brands displaying their fare of their best wines open for sale at special discounted rates. There were food stalls offering some great foods, vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian. There were stalls selling jewelry, merchandise and other goods. There was a cheese stall selling cheese platters and slabs. There were contests, workshops and so much more.


There were a lot of wines that made it to my favorite list like the peach, pineapple and strawberry flavored wines, the Vero White from Fratelli, the Casablanca champagne wine, the sparkling wines from Living Liquids and quite many more.


The wines remain quite the same each year, not a lot of new variants come up each year. But what stole my heart were the food stalls. I tried the vegetarian Amar hot dog at the Desi Deli stall and the Burrito Bowl at the Mexican Express stall.




The hot dog was delicious with loads of mirch-masala, a smooth tasty patty and a minty mayo, and veggies. The burrito bowl was also super delicious, with brown rice. veggies beans, sour cream made a little extra spicy on my request with tabasco.


There was a stall promoting the Burrp app, and I played some games there, with which I won a prize, a small sipper bottle. It is such a delight to win something.


The Kodai cheese stall was also great. This is a brand of fresh exotic cheese from Kodaikanal. I tried a lot of their cheeses – Colby Cheddar, Diet Cheddar, Smoked Cheddar, Smoked Edam, Red Chili Cheddar, Parmesan, and so much more. I bought three slabs – smoked edam and red chili cheddar for a friend; and a three layer cheddar for me. The three layer cheddar turned to be my favorite because it had three different flavor layers – red chili layer, black pepper layer and smoked cheddar layer, which together in one slice made the cheese indeed hard to resist.



Overall, it was definitely worth a visit to this fest. I even got featured on Maharathra TV for my visit here, so that makes me super happy. Next year this fest happens, I am gonna be there, will you?


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