Red Chili Cheddar

So my friend went to a wine fest… And all I got was a cheese cube… Or did I. Impressed over one of the tastings, my friend packed a slab of Kodai pepper cheese for me.. She ensured it was cryovac packed to enhance cheese longetivity. What this dis was also bottle up the cheesy punch of air which hit my face like Iron Mike Tyson’s Uppercut as I teethed the pack open in my excitement. The brine burst received by the nose was like a smelling salt… Knocking me into a world I had nearly erased from my.memory…. The wonderful American countryside in sunny Oklahoma. This version of kodai Cheddar, a tad more mature than the everyday commercial cheese, had infusions of red chilli pepper to lend a factor of heat. And boy ! It works just as good as its country cousin, the Texan PepperJack cheese, which has cheese laced with bell peppers and black pepper… Savoured with patriotic pleasure over the sandwiches, subways, burger melts, casserole diners and even as barter exchange currency when cowboys meet the Indians at thanksgiving. I like strong flavoured cheese and this looks like a tough guy with its orange tinge on top and a powdery heart.. It went quite well with my box of crackers, bacon strips and a glassful of Madeira wine. Its surely a centerpiece to any weekend get together … And the taste can make you break the odd diet for one slice more.












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