Smoked Sweet Potatoes

There are somethings so simple but the joy they bring is so much that it is often not describe-able in words. One such thing is sweet potatoes smoked in a desi charcoal sigdi. They are simple, easy and so delicious.

If you happen to be in Mumbai, especially in Bandra (W), at this time of the year, you would encounter loads of handcarts selling raw as well as smoked sweet potato. Whenever I see this handcart, I make sure I have a plate. The vendor will weigh the amount of sweet potatoes on his weighing scale, peel and cut them with his all-purpose knife. He then sprinkles lemon juice and spicy masala (mixture of salt red chili powder and chaat masala), tosses it to mix it all together and hands it over to you.


The sweet potatoes have a great smoked flavor from the charcoal smoke that the sigdi produced. It could happen that some portions tend to have a more pronounced lemon flavor than others, that’s because the potatoes tend to absorb the lemon juice quickly naturally. But that adds to the fun. And the spicy masala enhances the overall flavor, while the sweetness of the sweet potato provides a sweet-ish relief to the whole experience.


The simple joys of life are never really expensive, and nothing can even really replace those little things. In fact, the joy of these smoked potatoes is something I have inherited from my mom, even my sister has it!

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