Mediterra, the home of Mediterrenean Cuisine

Mediterra, by the Sayaji group; is the home of Mediterranean cuisine on Hill Road, beside Barbecue Nation. It has open air seating up on the first floor and live entertainment too. Very good environment, but I couldn’t say as much for the food. It did leave me a tad a bit disappointed.


I ordered Cajun potatoes, which had three options – plain masala or cheesy and I had picked Cheesy. I also ordered Mushroom jewel, where three different type of mushrooms were cooked with oriental spices and served with hakka noodles.


I asked twice as to what the Cajun potatoes dish would be, because Barbeque Nation serves a version of Cajun Potatoes in the form of tikki which are super delicious. But nobody had any idea of what the dish would be. I still take a risk and order it. I ordered the Mushroom jewel because I indeed like mushrooms a lot. But when my order arrives, I am seriously disappointed.


The Cajun Potatoes came out in a  French Fries form, no strong flavor of the Cajun spice, quite bland. The Mushroom Jewel had an overpowering flavor of Soy sauce, and the noodles were quite overcooked. Didn’t enjoy it at all. Cajun is a very strong spice blend with ingredients like cayenne peppers, black pepper, garlic, oregano, thyme etc, but in comparision Cajun Potatoes dish was very, very blend and plain. The Mushroom Jewel had a lot of soy sauce in it, and it was overcooked and saucy. Something on a little drier side could be better like hakka noodles generally is or maybe even a mushroom curry with noodles on the side.

Overall, not good, not value for money. Good ambiance while the service could definitely improve. Live entertainment is good too.

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