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Quatro Formaggi Crust from Domino’s

Cheese is always good and so is pizza. But what’s better than that? A four cheese combination burst crust for your pizza. Domino’s India has recently brought out the Quatro Formaggi Burst which can be enjoyed with any hand tossed medium pizza for an additional Rs.99/-

The new Quatro Formaggi Pizza is Domino’s gourmet attempt at improvising the regular cheese burst pizza. It is a sinful concoction of mozzarella, gouda,cheddar and creamy ricotta. This pizza is an artisan delicacy and every cheese flavor is distinctly recognizable.

I chose to try The Quatro Formaggi crust with a mildly spicy Chef’s Veg Wonder pizza topped with mushrooms, baby corn, red paprika, etc. The sweet and tangy four cheese blend served as a perfect crust for my mildly spiced pizza. Every bite of the mouth watering pizza bursts into an exquisite mix of melting cheese. Mozzarella feels milky and moist, cheddar is easily distinguished because of its orange tinge and tangy taste, gouda is buttery and leaves a strong pleasant aftertaste and the creamy ricotta tastes almost bland but is a great addition pertaining to its creamy texture.

This new bonne bouche by Domino’s is sinful and leaves you wanting more. Wait no more, and try one as soon as possible.

Positives: Everything

Negatives: Nothing

Rating: 10/10

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