Urvi Zaveri’s Cake Magic

Have been a fan of Urvi Zaveri’s cakes for sometime now, one year to be precise. She made a beautiful rainbow cake for my mom’s birthday last year, then a chocolate rosette ombre for my sister’s birthday, a vanilla floral cake for my own birthday, and it’s always great. She is creative and definitely one of the best bakers I know.

It’s time for my mom’s birthday again. I postponed the celebrations by a week since Urvi was out of town. I asked for a butterscotch cake with a very light peach cover and henna design of a peacock. And it was a delight, as always.

While it must have been a task for her, with me asking anything out of the blue, I must say it has been quite a performance pressure to me too, as I was telling mom the other day. I conceptualized a rainbow cake with a peacock on top to symbolize what I had in my heart. And this year it was a huge performance pressure to come up with what I want to portray, what I wish to convey and how it could be put on cake, in a way that it is not impossible for Urvi to bake at all. I can want a thousand things, but I like it simple and classy.


I picked the memory of mom and dad always eating butterscotch ice cream at Sarvoday ice cream. Mom and dad have always had that, no other flavor. They have been having it since before I was born. And my mom and sister are both praline and cashew lovers, I am one too. We often steal cashews and praline out of each other’s portions on the plate. And Urvi helped me portray it very beautifully on the cake.


The cake may not last long, it gets cut in 10-15 minutes from being opened, maximum. And then gets eaten up in another day or two. But the thought that goes behind it remains forever.

Penny for your thoughts!