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Sizzling Sizzler @ Home

Banjaran Foodie is blessed with a younger sister who loves cooking and feeding me. So, one of the weekends, she decided to make me a sizzler. And it turned out great.

She cooked up a pesto sauce from the scratch with spinach and nuts. Tossed some spaghetti in it. Cooked some vegetable patties stuffed with loads of cheese inside. And then we together grilled up some sliced vegetables like potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, etc.

All this was put together on a sizzler dish that had been layered with cabbage leaves. The cabbage leaves had been dry roasted a bit on a pan too, for a better flavor. After everything had been assembled on the plate, we slid a slice of butter beneath the cabbage leaves on the hot plate. That sent the plate sizzling.

The sizzler was super delicious. Big thank you to the baby sister was fixing this for me.

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