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Ragi Delights

Ragi has become the ‘in’ thing to have. As more and more switch to healthy food options, everything is undergoing a transformation on the plate. On my visit to the Sattvik Food Festival, I came across multiple dishes prepared from this superfood, and also its many names. It is called as Ragi, Nachni, Nagli and what not. It is made into chips, biscuits, chillas, idli, momos, cakes, muffins, chat baskets, chocolavas, and what not!

I tried ragi momos first. And they were not bad at all. No maida was used in making any of these products. I am still trying to figure out how good a binding it can have on its own, or maybe a maida slurry or something is used to stick the dough together. But the momos were really nice. The vegetable filling was just like the standard momos, with the chili garlic sauce dip to go with it. The dough layer felt different, but it wasn’t bad or something I couldn’t eat. It was good, a bit different, but in a good way.

Then there were farali cupcakes made from ragi – in chocolate and vanilla flavor. Both of them were good. Again a bit different, but good. They were quite moist, had a cream swirl on the top. Tasted good and felt soft. There was a chocolava cake, complete with thick chocolate fudge inside. The cake was really moist, soft, and very good taste-wise too. There was also a chocolate ball made from ragi which was quite delicious too.

There was a basket chaat and papdi chaat made from ragi. That was very good. Maybe because the chutneys and all the other ingredients were also very nicely made. It was worth all the money I spent on it. Ragi chaats could be a happening thing in street food if somebody wants to take that route.

There were ragi biscuits and ragi papdi too. They were also very good.

Ragi is a healthy thing to eat, and it is definitely becoming a very popular thing to have.

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