Top 5 places to visit in India in March

Unlike many years ago, the month of March in India now signifies weather getting warmer and the onset of summers. The month generally begins with a mild spring in most parts of the country, after which the mercury begins to rise (almost infinitely!) till the rains bring in some relief in July/August. But there are many places in India where March is still a good time to visit, or marks the end of the visiting season. Of all these places, here are the top 5 that come to my mind –

  1. Ooty

A classic escape from the city life since British times, Ooty is a perfect holiday destination for March. Around this time, the temperatures don’t dip as much as they would in the winters, and overall, the weather stays pleasant. There’s greenery, there’s pretty lakes, cool hotels & home-stays, tea estates, spice gardens, what’s not to like!

2. Rameshwaram

Quite a historic religious place, this one. Rameshwaram, as most of us know, has a connection with the epic Ramayan. Rameshwaram is where Lord Rama built the bridge to reach Sri Lanka to rescue Sita. Needless to say, this is a beautiful temple town by the sea. What makes it even more exciting is the nearby Pamban Bridge, which is a man-made marvel. Chill out on the beaches, and connect with your spiritual side here. Explore the architecture of the temples here, and wash off some sins, maybe?

3. Gangtok

Long ago, I had a friend who was from Sikkim. Once every year, he would visit his home town, mostly during the summers, and I would be so jealous – he would relish the ‘summers’ there where temperatures were mostly sub-20 degree Celsius, while I was fighting to stay alive in temperatures that easily went above 45 degree Celsius almost every single day! And the pictures he would send, oh my! Then life happened, and eventually we lost touch. Add to that, he ain’t big on social media. Well, that’s not the point here. The point is Gangtok, all of Sikkim actually, is quite a perfect destination for holidaying in March. The weather is favorably pleasant, and the entire state is a visual delight.

4. Munnar

Oh, how I love Munnar and how much do I miss it. Those lush green tea gardens on the hill slopes, the mild fog early in the morning, the calming waterfalls and lakes, the echo point, Munnar has so much to offer to everyone. Another favorite from the British times, Munnar is a coveted spring-time holiday, and would be quite an experience to be in. If I had a chance, I would probably get on a plane and fly out right now, forget the luggage, I just need my wallet, phone, and chargers.

5. Amritsar

You could be looking for some peace and quite, or looking forward to being in a food lovers’ paradise, Amritsar is perfect for everyone. Of course, the main attraction is the Golden Temple and its langar, but there’s also the Jallianwala Bagh, the Wagha border, and loads of amazing eateries serving the most delicious food in unimaginably humongous portion sizes. The city has a glorious abet a painful history. You can find reasonably inexpensive accommodation easily in the city. March marks the spring time in the city, giving the residents relief from a biting cold winter, just before the scorching hot summer starts. Amritsar is undoubtedly one of my most favorite destinations. Don’t miss the delicious karha prasad, the awesome warm milk with dry fruits served outside the Golden temple at night, and the very famous Lawrence Road. Make sure to cover your head at all times inside the gurudwara and carry appropriate clothes along with.

Well, that’s the top five destinations on top of my mind as I write this. Here in Gujarat, the mercury has already begun rising, and ceiling fans are coming out of their annual hibernation. Changing weather bring along their own impacts on health, so had been under the weather for the past few days, but I am doing much better now. It has been a very, very long time since I traveled anywhere. My last trip was the one to Mumbai, on 8-9 February 2020 for the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. Mom wouldn’t really call it a trip, she feels I live with one leg in Mumbai, one in Anand in Gujarat (where I am from), and well, my brain wherever my physical body is. And she is quite, right, moms are always right, after all. So, my last proper trip or vacation was in 2019, in November, to Kerala. I had been in Kovalam and explored some of the destinations around. That’s a long, long time ago. And yes, I am beginning to miss traveling. Well, I’ll leave it to fate to present me with the next opportunity then, maybe? Do you have any suggestions for where I should be going next?

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